Packing Unit 1 pcs
Package Dimensions 180 x 180 x 90 mm
Weight Packaging 630 g
Wholesale Packaging 1 packages

The organiser consists of a stationary round base 16×16 cm. A shaft which is housed in an aluminium case is fitted in the centre of the base. At the top of the shaft, there is another rotating plate, which is 16 cm in diameter and contains cone-shaped wooden cases designed for storing of the fly tying tools. The cases ensure stability of the stored tools but primarily protect the ceramic bobbins against damage. In the centre of the rotating plate, a bearing ensuring a smooth rotation is molded. The organiser can hold up to eighteen fly tying tools. The total height of the organiser is seven centimetres.

Fly Tying Tools Organizer Large

  • Brand: Sybai tackle
  • Product Code: 380103
  • Availability: Excluded Product

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