Color Multispace
Fiber Length cca 380 mm
Packing Unit 1100 fibers
Package Dimensions 55 x 245 mm
Weight Packaging 7.60 grams
Wholesale Packaging 5 packages

Tinsel Blend hairs are very strong, 3-D holographic effect, flat mylar. Tinsel Blend Hairs have metallic fibers and some kinds have combinations of pearlescent and holographic fibers. They are stranded hair, many colors in one package. Used on almost every style of flies. Extremly soft, highly mobile with a pulsating action. Excellent for ribbing, wings, tails and bodies. We sold this hairs as big pack 1100 fibers/ package.

Tinsel Blend Hair, Multispace

  • Brand: Sybai tackle
  • Product Code: 261871
  • Availability: In Stock

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