Color Dark Beige Fur
Fiber Length up to 60 mm
Packing Unit 10 x 14 cm
Package Dimensions 125 x 260 mm
Weight Packaging 10.50 g
Wholesale Packaging 5 packages

Very good substitute furs. Mixture gray, black fibers and black fibers with white tip. Excellent material for wings, tails and bodies. Soft, highly mobile with a pulsating action, to create an natural bait fish imitation for Fresh and Saltwater. Craft Fur can be colored with permanent waterproof marker pens. Does not absorb water - fly is lightweight for easy cast.

The undercoat is useful as a very fine dubbing for dry flies.

Craft Fur Medium, Dark Beige Fur, 100x140 mm

  • Brand: Sybai tackle
  • Product Code: 265510
  • Availability: In Stock

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