Color Transparent
Packing Unit 20 ml
Package Dimensions 32 x 52 mm
Weight Packaging 26 g
Wholesale Packaging 1 packages

 A high viscosity fly tying cement with applicator system for exact placement.

Excellent preparation for tying epoxy midges. The front sight is finished with the painting in 15 minutes, then let it harden flies. Not necessary to use a rotary dryer. Thinner: Toluene 

WARNING: Flammable substance! You importer - you put a product on the market in your country. Comply with any regulations that apply in your country - labeling of flammable substances (EU labeling according to CLP), complete instruction manual in your language and under.




Body Finish Lacquer

  • Brand: Sybai tackle
  • Product Code: 360105
  • Availability: In Stock

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